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Angkor Wat Packages, Beyond the Temples September 22, 2016
While visiting Angkor Wat is always going to be the main reason people travel to Siem Reap, it is not the only thing the city has to offer. In fact Siem Reap is packed with fantastic hotels, restaurants, entertainment and excursions and of course, our Buffalo operated tours cover the very best.

7 of Asia's Best Wellness Retreats September 13, 2016
Wellness retreats are more popular than ever and not just with health fanatics and yoga enthusiasts. The hotel spa may no longer be enough for many resort-goers, with people seeking out the most unique and inclusive experiences. With thousands of years of experience in traditional healing practices and some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, we know that Asia is a truly special place to take a wellness retreat.

Free Download: Guides To Top Dishes September 08, 2016
It is undeniable that culinary charm adds an extra dimension to a journey and makes us understand more about a country’s culture. However, our clients' time and money is limited and it is nearly impossible to try every single dish in a short trip.

Changing Our Client's Lives Through Travel September 01, 2016
We sat down with Managing Director Matt Masson to discuss how he thinks Buffalo Tours are changing our client's lives through travel in Asia.

Hanoi: History Through Art August 26, 2016
Inspired by the masters of Asia and with a goal to give travellers truly unique memories, the Buffalo Tours team introduced a brand new line of exclusive travel experiences.

Understanding Asia’s Diverse Accommodations Options August 18, 2016
One of the most difficult parts of travel planning can be choosing the right hotel. Tours can easily be tailored to clients interests and hobbies and transport options are more often than not based on simple scheduling decisions. But when it comes to hotels, there are an overwhelming number of options and the diversity in price and quality can be confusing. This is where travel agents come into their own.



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