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Borneo: Kiulu Valley and The Dusun People June 10, 2016
Hundreds of thousands of travellers seek out Malaysian Borneo each year for its unique wildlife encounters but Borneo Eco Trails, a partner of Buffalo Tours in Sabah, are helping tourists understand more about its people. One of their projects, in the beautiful Kiulu valley, works with a tribe called the Dusun who have called the jungle valleys of Borneo home for hundreds of years.

Upsell Tips: Local Life Thailand May 25, 2016
Our range of Local Life tours are a great way to help clients have a positive economic impact on the country they're visiting. Check out our range of epic little journeys across key destinations in Thailand and how best to sell them.

Chansor Village, Siem Reap - An Economically Sustainable Tourism Project May 23, 2016
Chansor Village, outside of Siem Reap has been a huge success for Buffalo Tours’ responsible travel efforts. As part of our efforts to invest in our communities we have helped improve the infrastructure of the village to accommodate tourists looking for a true local experience in the Cambodian countryside. We’ve watched the community, and its people, grow sustainably over time. We talked to Panya Thin – one of our regional managers who was instrumental in the development of this project.

Sapa Sustainable Homestay: Interview with Miss Moo May 16, 2016
What does a Buffalo partnership mean to a local entrepreneur? We sat down with our Sapa homestay superstar, Ms. Moo, to talk about her experience with us – and how it’s supporting her family and her community’s well being.

Singapore as an Eco-Tourism destination May 10, 2016
Singapore has a real reputation as a ‘green city’, and rightly so. The tourism industry is no small part of this and is really blazing a trail on low impact, sustainable tourism. We talk to Wenxi, one of our Singapore team, to find out what it’s like to live and work in such a poster-city for sustainability!

Sustainable Tourism in Malaysia/Borneo May 04, 2016
Malaysia as a tourist destination relies heavily on its culture, and its environment. To make sure that these draws stay unspoiled for future travellers, the issue of responsible travel in Malaysia is of critical importance. To learn about how Buffalo Tours Malaysia is trying to lead by example in the industry, we talked to Ramesh, our Malaysian Product Manager.



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