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Sales Tips for Myanmar

Last month we introduced 3 new multi-day itineraries in Myanmar, a country that is quickly becoming one of Asia's most popular destinations. Today, we want to help you understand how to create the perfect highlights package with unique off the beaten path twists.


Yangon may no longer be the capital of Myanmar but it is still the main gateway to the country and remains its biggest city.

Yangon Highlights

Yangon highlights include the Sule and Shwedagon Pagodas and the colonial architecture found throughout the city. A Yangon Heritage Trust walking tour is the perfect introduction to the city, while a trip on the circle train is a fascinating insight into local life.

Off the beaten track Yangon

Help travelers, step away from the busy city centre and cross the Yangon River to Dala, a picturesque township with plenty of unique sites to discover. The snake temple is a must, while photography workshops run by a local expat offer a connection to this friendly community.

Inle Highlights

In Inle, life is lived on the lake itself and this is where tourists spend the majority of their time. A full day boat charter will bring clients to floating villages, workshops, farms and markets as they soak in the beauty of the surrounding mountains. Try to add in at least one sunset on the lake and another overlooking the lake up at Red Mountain Winery.

Off the beaten track Inle

At the southern end of Inle Lake, to the West and through the trees you will find a forest of a different kind at the stupa forest of Indein. A picnic among the collection of crumbling and restored stupas, away from the crowds, is a truly memorable experience. For the adventurous, a hike to Intha village connects visitors with the local ethnic communities surrounding the lake.

Bagan Highlights

A trip to Bagan is incomplete without at least one sunrise and one sunset excursion into the temple complex. For clients with time to spare, spreading the temple hopping over a few days will help fight temple fatigue and make the time spent in the complex more memorable. Cycling is one of the best ways to see the sights.

Off the beaten track Bagan

There are three fantastic options for day excursions away from the crumbling ruins of Bagan. Send clients to Mount Popa for a day of luxury in the countryside at Mount Popa Resort or head further afield to Salay or Pakokku for a dose of rural beauty and local life experiences.

Mandalay Highlights

Like Yangon, time in Mandalay is best spent wandering the streets in search of colonial architecture with a knowledgeable guide. A sunset trip out to Ubein - Myanmar’s longest and oldest teakwood bridge, and one of the most photographed sights in the country - is the perfect end to a morning of sightseeing.

Off the beaten path

Mandalay For an in depth look into Burmese culture a trip to Sagaing Hill and the Sagaing Nunnery is worth the drive. Here travellers can learn all about Buddhism in Myanmar and understand the way of life of many local Burmese.

The Perfect End

Ending a trip with a beach break in Ngwesaung or Ngapali allows for reflection and relaxation on one of the quietest coastlines in South East Asia. These beautiful beaches and villages are true off-the-beaten-path gems that will perfectly round off a busy trip.

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