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Changi Airport is one of the biggest transport hubs in Asia, with over 6800 weekly flights connecting Singapore to 270 cities around the world. The airport is the seventh busiest in the world and is also heralded as one of the best, providing excellent services and facilities. Transport to and from the airport is fast and convenient, whether it be by private car, taxi or MRT, thanks to state-of-the-art infrastructure unparalleled anyone in Asia.


The Singapore EXPO is conveniently located within easy reach of Changi Airport. Visitors can take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) directly from the airport to the Singapore EXPO, only one stop away. A taxi from the airport costs around 15 S$ and only takes about 5-10 minutes. The EXPO is situated at the crossroad to three main expressways and the MRT provides fast transport to city center.


Passport must be valid for six months beyond the date of departure. Visa is not required for Australian, United States, British, Canadian, South African, New Zealand and Irish passport holders to travel to Singapore for social reasons. However, a Social Visit Pass is issued on arrival for a stay of less than a month. Nationals not referred to above are advised to check here for more details on visa requirements.

The official currency in Singapore is the Singapore Dollar (SGD). The US and Australian Dollar, Yen and British Pound are also accepted in some larger shopping centers. Major credit cards are accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Cash can be easily withdrawn since ATMs are widely distributed throughout the country. Currency exchange is available at airports, banks and major hotels. Be aware that the service may not be offered in some banks on Saturday.

Phones & Internet service
Telephone connection is widely available. You may need to register with your mobile supplier for international roaming services. Also, SIM cards are available to purchase from any 7 -11 stores or SingTel and StarHub shop. You can also make local and international calls at public phones which take credit cards and phone cards.
Wi-Fi is widely available at internet cafes; however, there may be a fee charge of about $2 per hour for you to be able to access the internet.


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